🎉 Welcome to the Shareslake dashboard!

Where crypto replaces traditional finance.

In the future the crypto technology has established and every person can be his own bank thanks to a self-custody wallet. Start by connecting your wallet.

Create your USD account.

Some operations require to have an account, the account creation is totally free. You can continue using some functions without an account.

A complete financial suite for the future

This dashboard is in constant evolution to merge traditional and crypto finance. Let's allow people to adopt the new world safely and without volatility.

  • With RUSD you can settle transcations in USD around the globe without limitations and just in seconds for less than $0.30 while traditional wires cost around $30 and take 3 days on average
  • You can stake your RUSD, contributing to the network security and decentralization, and obtain rewards for it
  • Now you can have a USD account on this dashboard. You can use that account to obtain RUSD or get USD from redemptions.
  • You can now top-up your USD account with several cryptocurrencies!
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