Shareslake Pool


Active stake (ADA): 0

Live stake (ADA): 0

Delegators: 0

Total blocks: 0

Epoch blocks: 0

Help us increasing the supply of RUSD.
Obtain your Cardano staking rewards in RUSD.

Participation is free for you, the only difference is that you get your Cardano staking rewards in RUSD.
By Participating you may be elegible to receive an NFT that will give you access to our incentives program
All the information about the Stake Pool Offering can be found here.


1. Stake your ADA with the Shareslake Pool.
2. After each epoch we collect the ADA staking rewards of the pool.
3. The whole amount of ADA is converted to USD.
4. The USD is added to the RUSD fiat reserves.
5. You claim your RUSD through this same dashboard. It is distributed proportionally to the amount delegated to the pool.
6. You are free to do whatever you want with the RUSD, including sending it to your personal bank account.

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